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Thurbert Baker
-The Attorney General’s office stated in the suit that the Pretrial Department was
approved for transfer to Magistrate Court by the Georgia Supreme Court in 1985 in
accordance with Rule
1.2 (b) of the Uniform Superior Court Rules.

Spann presented written documentation from the Supreme Court clerk that did not affirm
this statement.

-Baker never withdrew the statement and allowed the case to proceed with
inaccurate information. Wanda Spann's case was dismissed in federal court and
in superior court.

After Thurbert Baker and his staff discovered judicial officials Skip Chesshire and Cobb
Superior Court Judge Mary Staley had lied in court documents
why did he not do his
job by taking immediate action against them?

His sole viewpoint after their exposure was simply that judges are
immune from lawsuits while acting in an official capacity.
Can we trust an Attorney General who has a blatant
for the Uniform Superior Court Rules of

Where are citizens to turn when they need help
fighting for justice and their rights?
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