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James Bodiford
The eyebrow raising behavior and actions
of Cobb Superior Court Judge James “Jim”
Bodiford as described here, are reflections
ultimate hypocrisy, lack of integrity
and honesty
, and an allegiance to a
“good ol’ boy” mentality
he should have
left at the door the day he was sworn into
Judge Bodiford and Judge Staley share a common characteristic:  Their ability
and willingness to lie in writing, on official court letterhead, and subsequently
signing or initialing the documented lie.

Bodiford, a Cobb Superior Court Judge since 1995, is currently the presiding judge
in the Fulton County Court House shooting case of defendant Brian Nichols
Recently, Bodiford ordered a potential juror in that case,
jailed for 10 days for
supposedly having “lied” about her reason for reporting late for jury duty.  [
See Article]

The truth of the matter is that Bodiford has set a “truth telling” standard for
jurors and others that he himself has not always adhered to.
A well known and
highly respected minister, Reverend Doctor Randolph Scott,
wrote a letter to Judge
Bodiford regarding Wanda Spann’s illegal termination. In a response letter, Bodiford told
numerous lies relevant to Wanda Spann’s employment as Pretrial Services Director. The
most notable lie is found in paragraph “C”, whereby Bodiford states: “Lastly, the Superior
Court Judges are not responsible for hiring or firing the Pretrial Director- the Chief
Magistrate does.  Since 1985 the Pretrial Director has been under the direct control and
supervision of the Chief Magistrate."  
In the Rev. Scott letter, not only did Judge
Bodiford lie about Wanda Spann’s employment, he lied on Wanda Spann by
falsely stating Spann “agreed” to be transferred to Magistrate Court, to the best
of his “belief and knowledge."

There is ample documentation throughout this website and in court records
indicating Bodiford lied to Rev. Scott.  That being said, what penalty should be
levied against Bodiford for lying?  He gave the juror 10 days behind bars for
lying to a judge.  What is the penalty when a judge lies, especially to a minister?
A Little Known Fact:

By now, everyone knows what led to Skip Chesshire’s investigation for alleged
sexual misconduct with young female employees.  It was an anonymous letter
which began with the statement: “Somebody has to do something to stop Skip
Chesshire.  He is out of control!!!!”

What a lot of folks do not know is that the Honorable James “Jim
“Bodiford received a “dishonorable” mention in paragraph 7 of the
anonymous sexual misconduct letter.  The writer alleges misconduct by
Bodiford as told by Chesshire.
Ironically, when a decision was made to question Chesshire it was done by Chief Superior Court Judge Lark
Ingram and Judge Bodiford.  This information is from the footnote on the first page of the
Investigative Report.

The report states Chesshire “absolutely denied” all allegations against him under “cross examination” by
Ingram and Bodiford."
 The question remains, why was Bodiford questioning Chesshire when he
too was named in the letter
.  Could this be the reason Bodiford “provisionally” accepted
Chesshire’s denial?

Wanda Spann questioned Skip Chesshire about inappropriate conduct with young girls in Chesshire’s 2005
deposition.  At the time, Bodiford was Chief Superior Court Judge.
*picture of Bodiford from Cobb
County Bar Association

The source of this photo is not
associated with Justice for Wanda
Spann and is simply a visual aid.
Bodiford made a
decision to
participate in a
“good ol’ boy”
network, whereby
he joined
disgraced former
Superior Court
Howard “Skip”
Superior Court
Judge Mary
Staley, and Chief
Cox in
perpetrating  lies
about Wanda
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