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Frank Cox
This man illegally terminated Wanda Spann from her 20
year position as the Director of Pretrial Court Services.

His deviant behaviors do not stop there.

Frank Cox and some judges working below him often
released criminal defendants
charged with serious
offenses with
no court supervision. After two years of
Spann questioning him about his practices he
Chief Magistrate Frank Cox took office in 2001. From the very beginning of his
administration, Frank Cox and some magistrate judges working for him often
ordered no supervision for criminals charged with serious felony offenses while they
were out of jail on bond. This included persons charged with horrific crimes such as
child molestation, aggravated child molestation, armed robbery, domestic violence,
and drug trafficking.
-Sexual Battery
-Child Molestation
-Aggravated Child Molestation
-Child Molestation
-Aggravated Sodomy (victim a 5 year old child)
Below are just a few more of these instances:
-Armed Robbery
-Possession of a Firearm by a Convicted Felon
-Theft by Taking
unknown date
In addition to these non-supervised cases, a criminal defendant charged with burglary ($10,000 bond) was
released on 3/25/02 by signing himself out of jail on a signature bond
without posting any money.  

The reason why Pretrial Release Agencies in Georgia operate under the authority of a panel of Superior Court
Judges pursuant to
Uniform Superior Court Rule 27 is to avoid these types of abuses.
Judge Frank Cox sets low bond for a former sheriff deputy charged with
kidnapping, false imprisonment, rape, aggravated sodomy, aggravated
assault, battery, and aggravated sexual battery.

The Atlanta Journal Constitution states:

Atlanta attorney Richard W. Summers, who is representing the 21-year-old woman, said
he was disappointed that Cox did not set a higher bail.

"This is a very, very serious set of allegations. And the outrageous conduct called for a
much more serious bond amount," Summers said. "She's not doing well. She's very afraid
of him."

Read full article here.

As reported by 11 Alive news, Frank Cox reduced the bond of an alleged child
molester, stating “the facts of the case are not that egregious.”  The accused, a
substitute teacher,
was released after allegedly molesting five students from
Riverside Elementary School
.  While out, he was rearrested in Paulding County
on new charges (child pornography), and held without bond by Paulding County
court officials who made the right judgment.

In another case, the mother of a nine year old girl posted on a legal advice forum
that Frank Cox ordered her to return her daughter to her father, with whom she has
joint custody,
despite the fact the child was being molested by her step-
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Since these criminals were not placed under supervision, Wanda Spann’s office had no authority to monitor
them while they were out of jail on bond.

Click here to read Spann’s astonishing testimony on this issue.

Spann attempted to notify the Superior Court about the problems with the bonds and personal harassment by
Cox through then
Chief Superior Court Judge Mary Staley. Judge Staley kept putting off scheduled
meetings with Spann and within two weeks of canceled meetings Wanda Spann was unlawfully
suspended by Chief Magistrate Frank Cox.

Highlights from the Cox Deposition:

  • Cox admitted in a sworn deposition taken on June 9, 2005 that Pretrial Services was not a division
    of Magistrate Court during Spann’s employment. Page 21: lines 8 -17

  • Cox admits under oath that he is unaware of any order in existence that outlines how Pretrial
    Services would function in the Magistrate Court. Page 26: lines 4-21

  • In a memo dated March 5, 2003 Cox directs Spann, “Before accepting invitations to speak on behalf
    of your position please discuss the matter with me. I may elect to accompany you to some of the

In the deposition Cox admitted that he wanted to attend events with Spann if he felt like it would be politically
advantageous to him. Despite mistreating Spann on the job, Cox wanted to
use her publicly to get votes.
Page 88: Lines 11-25

  • Although Cox denied he habitually has employees to document the every move of managers and
    judges, his deposition shows otherwise. Page 163: lines 8-18
More to come!
*picture of Cox from Cobb County
Bar Association

The source of this photo is not
associated with Justice for Wanda
Spann and is simply a visual aid.
If you find the
sexual deviancy of
Howard Chesshire
astonishing, Chief
Magistrate Judge
Frank Cox
admitted to having
a "social
relationship" with a

To further prove he
didn't have
authority over
Spann, there is a
direct quote from
Cox stating so.

Judge Cox
believed in having
employees spied
on...including a