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Cox Deposition Highlights
Cox admitted in a sworn deposition taken on June 9, 2005 that Pretrial Services
was not a division of Magistrate Court during Spann’s employment.
Page 21:
lines 8 -17

admits under oath that he is unaware of any order in existence that
outlines how Pretrial Services would function
in the Magistrate Court. Page 26:
lines 4-21

Also in the deposition, Spann questions Magistrate Cox about the
termination of a
female employee after she was no longer dating him.
Page 53: lines 10-25 and
Page 54: lines 1-9

In a
memo dated March 5, 2003 Cox directs Spann, “Before accepting invitations
to speak on behalf of your position please discuss the matter with me. I may
elect to accompany you to some of the events.”

In the deposition Cox admitted that he wanted to attend events with Spann if he felt
like it would be politically advantageous to him. Despite mistreating Spann on the job,
Cox wanted to
use her publicly to get votes. Page 88: Lines 11-25

Although Cox denied he habitually has employees to
document the every move
of managers and judges
, his deposition shows otherwise. Page 163: lines 8-18
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