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David Hankerson
Cobb County Manager David Hankerson was involved in the
illegal termination of Wanda Spann. His participation is
included but not limited to:

-Transferring key services from Pretrial to the Magistrate Court
before Ms. Spann was terminated rendering her unable to run her
This was illegal.

-Hankerson abolished Spann’s position after her termination.
Is David Hankerson an official we can trust? Mr. “Hankerson
worked at Cobb County under an
assumed name for almost two

This shows an obvious lack of credibility.
This man worked and was known as David Hankerson; however, he was born Willie
David Jones

Charles Spann, the husband of Wanda, stated in his affidavit:

“David Hankerson was legally named Willie David Jones, at the time of the incidents
stated below. According to legal papers, his name was changed from Willie David Jones
to David Hankerson in Cobb County in the year 2005.”
Hankerson's Petition for Name Change                                       Full Birth Certificate
From Wanda Spann's Affidavit:
*picture is simply a visual aid
scanned from a photo in the
ownership of Wanda Spann