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Wendy Titelman Book
Wendy Titelman alleges that Judge James Bodiford engaged in exparte
communications and various forms of judicial misconduct during her case.     

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Learn about Judge James Bodiford's involvement in the Wanda Spann case.
"Let My Children Go is a moving account of the
failure of a system that is supposed to be
protecting children
. Wendy Titelmans voice needs
to be heard by as many people as possible…Every
social worker, law enforcement investigator, judge,
custody evaluator, family court investigator, child’s
attorney, and family lawyer in the country should
receive a copy of this book in order that
they may see
firsthand, the results of ‘system failure.

- Seth Goldstein, Esq.,
Executive Director of the Child Abuse Forensic Institute.

The back cover states that this book is about children
being placed in the custody of their abusive parents,
and their innocent protecting parents being removed
from the children’s lives.
*Justice for Wanda Spann is not affiliated with Wendy Titelman’s book entitled Let My Children Go. Justice for Wanda
Spann will not receive any proceeds from the sale of this book. All claims set forth in
Let My Children Go are
experiences as described by the author Wendy Titelman.