Dear Sir or Madam:

I write this letter seeking much needed help to resolve an injustice I have faced since
2003. Appointed to my public service employment position as director of Cobb County
Pretrial Court Services by the Cobb Superior Court Judges Council in 1983, and serving
at the pleasure of the Council, pursuant to Georgia’s Uniform Superior Court Rules; the
Chief Magistrate Judge, Frank Cox, staged a witch hunt/railroad against me for several
months in 2003, illegally terminating me from my position. His actions caused me to lose
my salary, unemployment benefits, pension I had well earned from my long years of
service, health benefits, etc.

Because I am suing judges for judicial misconduct, have documentation of a
Cobb County Superior Court Judge falsifying legal documents, and can prove
criminal interference with my due process; many people including lawyers, have
been reluctant to help me. This injustice involves several judges on the federal,
state, and local levels of government. The case is now heading to the Georgia
Supreme Court on appeal,and I am afraid because these people are so powerful
and are covered politically everywhere I go seeking
justice, the Georgia Supreme Court will be no different.

I held my position for 20 years with a distinguished record, earned numerous awards, and
never had one indiscretion. As previously stated, my problem originated in 2003 and was
perpetrated by Magistrate Judge Frank Cox and then Chief Superior Court Judge Mary

Judge Staley wrote a memo to Cox containing false information, asserting that the Georgia
Supreme Court had approved for Cox to have supervisory authority over my office and
job. This same falsehood would be told in a federal discrimination lawsuit I filed in the U.S.
District Court in Atlanta. Judge Staley, according to a deposition given by then Superior
Court Administrator Howard “Skip” Chesshire, wrote this and other false statements in a
sworn affidavit she reportedly wrote in Chesshire’s name. Chesshire, a part of this
conspiracy against me, did not object to this document being written in his name and
willingly signed it.
Chesshire is the subject of a recent independent investigation,
whereby the investigation revealed he engaged in sexual misconduct with
subordinate female employees for two decades, ranging from sexual encounters in a
judge’s chambers, hotel trysts during business hours, and favoritism in exchange for
. Despite these wrong doings, he is receiving his retirement from a $142,500 yearly
salary. I am guilty of nothing of but my retirement was taken.

I proved to the Federal Court Judges, Shoob and Baverman, that these statements were
false using documentation from the Supreme Court Clerk. The Supreme Court had never
made any transfer of authority to Cox. The Federal Court Judges dismissed my
discrimination suit while refusing to rule on the authority issue, citing they have
elected not to exercise “supplemental jurisdiction.” I appealed to the U.S. Appeals Court to
no avail.

In an effort to continue seeking justice, I filed a State case of Tortious Interference with
Employment in Cobb Superior Court, naming the Superior Court Judges, Frank Cox, and
other officials as defendants. The Superior Court judges were represented by Georgia
Attorney General Thurbert Baker and his staff. All remaining defendants were represented
by outside counsel.
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