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Wanda Spann’s case is easily proven using the following documents.
Many of these are available here on the Justice for Wanda Spann website.
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1983 newspaper article where Wanda Spann was named Pretrial
Court Services Director by the Superior Court Judges Council

1998 article where Wanda Spann receives a top management
award. The article includes
David Hankerson and covers how
Spann was appointed and states Pretrial was under the authority
of Superior Court

2004 news clips covering the
March for Justice on behalf of Spann
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Spann's human resources paperwork showing appointment
Uniform Superior Court Rules: 1.1, 1.2. (b),  and 27
Court affidavit of Wanda Spann
False affidavit reportedly written by Judge Mary Staley in Howard
“Skip” Chesshire's name with his consent
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Documentation from Supreme Court clerk proving no authorized
work relationship between Spann and Cox
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Full court deposition of Frank Cox
Full court deposition of Chesshire, which includes questions
Wanda Spann asked in 2005 concerning his inappropriate
involvement with young females on the job
Memo and letter from Judge Staley to Cox
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Court rulings and related documents
Documentation of David Hankerson’s lack of credibility including
working under an assumed name for almost two decades
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New! Georgia Supreme Court Decision. The court chooses to
become a parter in this injustice instead of enforcing justice! The
Georgia Supreme Court Justices DID NOT enforce the Uniform
Superior Court Rules of Georgia. This was illegal.
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Letter to Judge Mary Staley from the SCLC, an organization
founded by the Reverend Martin Luther King Jr.

Letter to the judges of Cobb County from local ministers
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After Spann's termination Superior Court Judge Mary Staley twice
applied for appointment to the Federal Bench.

A letter was written to the selection committee by the president of
the Cobb County SCLC objecting to her elevation to the federal
bench because of her involvement in the illegal and wrongful
termination of Wanda Spann.

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Degrading and unlawful memo given to Wanda Spann in 2003 by
Frank Cox.
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Mary Staley avoided being deposed in Wanda Spann's case.
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Highlights from Wanda Spann's deposition regarding Cox's NO
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SCLC March for Justice Advertisement
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Evidence and Documents